Challenge accepted

So this weekend saw many changes at the space. We received the go ahead to start moving in equipment and the White Cross team had installed many more electrical sockets, which we greatly appreciated.

Jim was renovating his kitchen and gave us his old kitchen cabinets, Ian and Tom collected them and installed them on Saturday. Other furniture also found its way up to the space including desks, chairs and other storage units.


Sunday was the main event with our A2 Laser cutter arriving. Martin from Just add Sharks arrived at 2pm with a challenge: “Nobody has ever got one of the A2 lasers upstairs before”. Not a group to step down from a challenge, we called in more people to help, as it weighs just over 170kg. So the task began getting a metal box weighing 170kg up to the second floor – we knew that it would fit up the stairs but it was going to be tight. It helped that some of the extra help were engineers and a plan was formed. Ropes were attached, people psyched themselves up and the laser was rolled to the bottom of the stairs. 7 yes SEVEN minutes later the laser was in the space and we were patting ourselves on the back, or we were patting the people who had manhandled it up the steps on the back.

Next was fitting the laser tube and other extras like the air compressor, water chiller and extraction unit. Then came the calibration and training. I won’t go into the details of these here as there will be training documentation to come for everyone who wants to learn how to use the laser. Just to say it is really not that difficult to use which I proved by laser etching and cutting the LAMM logo on ply before the day was out.

A BIG thank you to Martin from Just add Sharks, for his excellent training, and an extremely big shout out to all those who helped over the weekend, I will name names as without their help we would have been stuck. Graham Hill, Darren Poulson, Tom Bloor, Ian Norton, Jim Mann and his friends. A hackspace is nothing without people rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in.


A Code of Conduct

The Directors of the Lancaster and Morecambe Makers have today published a ‘Code of Conduct’ to the website that will also be posted in the Lancaster ‘Space’.

There are strong reasons to set a basic code for behaviour in shared spaces and to announce in advance what measures can be taken to respond to any potential incidents. This is particularly true for the ‘Space’ as we wish to encourage younger members to attend and to make the ‘Space’ available to all sections of our society.

We’d ask all members, visitors and guests to be aware of the Code of Conduct which is based upon a principle of respect.

Founder Members

Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck. – Guy Kawasaki **

The organisers of the Lancaster and Morecambe Makers have made a decision that there should be a Founder Member Donation available. A donation of £100 or more made during the first 3 months of the ‘Space’ 1st March – 30th May makes you a Founder Member for life.*

Benefits of Founder Member: To be honest there are none.

Seriously, none. This is a person who is willing to put money into the space to help us succeed and become financially solvent. members will love them for ever. Their name will be on the roll of honour as founder members. But they get nothing more. There is no rights of access or privileges, they still have to pay to be a member to use the ‘Space’ or pay the day rate/use an open day…

…though there are rumours that there wil be a special badge, and/or plaque, just because they are being so cool 🙂

The current list of Founder Members is:

  • Shadowcat Systems Limited
  • Mark Keating
  • Graham Hill

If you would like to become a Founder Member then please contact us for details of how to make a donation. You contact one of the members (see our About page for lots of contact details or to email us).

* Though since the organisation is taking memberships now and donations now you have an extra month or so to those dates.

**

The LAZOR has Landed

We had confirmation this week that the Laser has arrived in the UK and will be installed in the space within the next two weeks.

Currently we are looking at the installation to happen on a Sunday, likely the 15th February. All members will be allowed to come along and help fit and receive training on the laser. If you are not yet a member but would like to help out as you are considering joining the space then please contact one of the members (see our About page for lots of contact details or to email us).