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Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck. – Guy Kawasaki **

The organisers of the Lancaster and Morecambe Makers have made a decision that there should be a Founder Member Donation available. A donation of £100 or more made during the first 3 months of the ‘Space’ 1st March – 30th May makes you a Founder Member for life.*

Benefits of Founder Member: To be honest there are none.

Seriously, none. This is a person who is willing to put money into the space to help us succeed and become financially solvent. members will love them for ever. Their name will be on the roll of honour as founder members. But they get nothing more. There is no rights of access or privileges, they still have to pay to be a member to use the ‘Space’ or pay the day rate/use an open day…

…though there are rumours that there wil be a special badge, and/or plaque, just because they are being so cool 🙂

The current list of Founder Members is:

  • Shadowcat Systems Limited
  • Mark Keating
  • Graham Hill

If you would like to become a Founder Member then please contact us for details of how to make a donation. You contact one of the members (see our About page for lots of contact details or to email us).

* Though since the organisation is taking memberships now and donations now you have an extra month or so to those dates.

**

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