Slime fun and laptop destruction at Make My Day

Sunday was the ‘Make My Day’ festival located on Morecambe Promenade, set up by The Exchange, a maker group operating out of Morecambe. LAMM had been given a stall at the show to display our own set of interests and skills, consisting of 3D printed objects, a set of computers to dismantle and the incredibly popular slime production.

Shaded under a gazebo Elly, Bill, Dave and Andrew welcomed visitors to the stall to educate them on the wonders of making things. On one side was the computer area, offering a mix between ‘how its made’ and ‘scrap heap challenge’. Dave supervised all age ranges to take apart the many defunct laptops that had been donated to us. It was really great to see the excitement that taking things apart inspires, stimulating the curiousity that is the foundation of all makers. Asking that always important question ‘how does it work?’

The main attraction of the day was undoutedly the slime factory. Where Elly and Bill aided the crowd in turning PVA glue, poster paint, bi carb and shaving foam into a gloopy, slimey mess. The audible astonishment when the activating contact solution was added to the mixture was really something to behold. A special mentinon to both of them for the hard work they put into doing this as they rarely had a moment to themselves.

The festival was excellently run, with a great assortment of stalls and attractions offering so many different activities for participants to enjoy. A lovely lunch helped the volunteers to keep going and the weather made it a really ideal day.

A great thanks to everyone who volunteered and the organizers of the event. These attractions are so important to keep the spirit of creating and community alive. Knowing the drive to create is what got us as a society to where we are today, events like this ensure the next generation will keep the tradition alive.

 Chris Dearden