The Lancaster and Morecambe Makers and Space2 in Lancaster would not exist without the generous support of a number of benefactors and sponsors. These are companies and individuals who have given up time, money, services or just generally supported our efforts.

This page lists all of those we seek to honour and are deeply indebted to. Below is a list of all the companies that have, and still continue to, support us as Sponsors.

Andrews and Arnold

Andrews and Arnold

The excellent A&A have provided the Space with free broadband over a number of years.



Bytemark have kindly sponsored us with a BigV instance to host our website and infrastructure on.

Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council

LCC, and White Cross, have been extremely supportive of our efforts and have enabled the sponsorship of the Space in conjunction with Shadowcat Systems Limited.

Lancaster University

Subsidized student access to the Space for Lancaster University Students was arranged with generous financial support from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Lune Crafts


Ian and Claire of Lune Crafts supply a number of tools, craft materials, workbenches and experience into the Space. Without access to their extensive set of home machines (lathes, table saws, benches, drills etc.) and the time they have donated to LAMM at home, much of our infrastructure would have never been built.

Shadowcat Systems Limited

Shadowcat Systems

Shadowcat have been a principal force in the creation of both LAMM and the Space. Shadowcat were corporate members and kindly placed the CO2 laser into the Space.

Founder Members

Our Founder Members supported us with a generous cash donation during the creation of the Space and the founding of LAMM. We can offer them nothing greater than a place of reverence in our hearts and pride of place on our website.

Mark Keating

A Hackspace member and an advocate of the community.

Graham Hill

A Hackspace member and local inventor.

Darren Poulson

Darren has the dubious honour of being the initial driving force for a Lancaster Hackspace.

Leigh Keating

Leigh is a keen follower of the local Hack/Maker community and wanted to see the Space succeed.

Equipment Sponsors

A large number of the machines and equipment in the Lancaster Space are sponsored by individual members for the use of HackSpace membership. These individuals supply, help maintain, pay for repairs, spares and retain ownership of the equipment. These machines are generally considered to be on indefinite loan.

Tom Bloor: 3D Printer(s), Soldering iron

Nathan Burnley: 3D Printer.

Vic Harkness: 3D Printer.

Mark Keating: 3D Printer, Mitre saw, Dremel.

Ian Norton: Drill press, CNC Machine, Workbench.

Shadowcat: CO2 laser, Power Supply

Kay Kempers: Sewing Machines, Loom, Vinyl cutter

John BarbrookFDM 3D printer (Ender 3) and Resin Printers, 3D Scanner, PCs

We are also deeply indebted to all the members, friends and others who have donated supplies, equipment and time to Space2 and Lancaster and Morecambe Makers.

We are grateful to all the members who make the SnackSpace and Fund Drives a huge success ensuring the continuation of the Hackspace.