This is the outside entrace you are looking for on Harpers Mill


If you got off at Lancaster UK train station, you’re at least in the right city. You should walk towards Lancaster town centre and then head towards the hospital at the ‘top’ of town (this is the South end of the city centre, known as the top by some local quirk…). You’re looking out for ‘Penny Street Bridge’. Head over the canal bridge heading towards the hospital and turn left towards ‘The Gatehouse Restaurant’, you have reached White Cross Business Park, head through the tunnel, up the hill and look out for Newey & Eyre.


Buses stop right outside of the White Cross Business Park on South Road, Lancaster. There’s a large building called The Barracks which looks a bit like a castle opposite the Lancaster Royal Infirmary. If you walk down the right hand side of The Barracks, you’ll get to a large car park, head up the hill and look out for Newey & Eyre.


There’s a large number of car parking spaces available on site, however these are normally pretty full Monday to Friday during the work day. If you do manage to find a space, pop along to reception in The Gatehouse and get a visitor’s permit for your car. Getting a permit just involves putting your car’s registration number into a kiosk at the desk. If challenged by security staff, you just need to say that you are visiting LAMM.