LAMM Membership

Hey All,

This is not going to be a short message, however I will get straight to the point: We need more members. Without any more members, then there is a strong possibility that we will not be here in the next few months. So, if you are already a paying member, well done! Continue being awesome. If you are not a paying member, or know someone who would like to become a member, then please join up here: LAMM Membership Request

We have two payment levels, which depend on your circumstances.

The first one is the Standard Membership – this is £25 a month, and will get you full access to the space, meaning you can come and go as you want to work on your own projects.

The second one is for the following:

  • Young Members  – for those under 16, and will require a guardian present.
  • Student Members – those who are still in full time Education, at University, College, or another education establishment.
  • Supporting Members – for those who want to support the space.

This payment level is £10 a month, and in the case of the Young or Student member, will get you full access to the space as you would in the Standard Membership. The Supporting Member is meant for people who are not close enough to Lancaster to make use of the space, but would like to support us to allow us to keep doing awesome things.

To join, please go and fill in the following form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with payment details!

LAMM Membership Request


Tom and all the Board at LAMM.