You are free to attend any number of open evenings, without ever paying a penny, but starting a monthly subscription gets you a key to the space and is the best way to support what we do.

Main Room

The standard membership covers most people and you should pay based on your ability to do so.

Students from Lancaster University get a heavily subsidized rate due to a grant from the Faculty of Science and Technology. If you’re a student and you’d like to know more, you can get in contact with our student liason Alina.

I would like to join LAMM

We’ll send details so that you can pay by card or set up a standing order with your bank.

Please read both our Code of Conduct and our Safety Guidelines documents.

Remember, when visiting the space and using the parking spaces you must register your car with reception every time. The business park may issue fines to unregistered cars.

For more details, please consult our Privacy Policy.