Challenge accepted

So this weekend saw many changes at the space. We received the go ahead to start moving in equipment and the White Cross team had installed many more electrical sockets, which we greatly appreciated.

Jim was renovating his kitchen and gave us his old kitchen cabinets, Ian and Tom collected them and installed them on Saturday. Other furniture also found its way up to the space including desks, chairs and other storage units.


Sunday was the main event with our A2 Laser cutter arriving. Martin from Just add Sharks arrived at 2pm with a challenge: “Nobody has ever got one of the A2 lasers upstairs before”. Not a group to step down from a challenge, we called in more people to help, as it weighs just over 170kg. So the task began getting a metal box weighing 170kg up to the second floor – we knew that it would fit up the stairs but it was going to be tight. It helped that some of the extra help were engineers and a plan was formed. Ropes were attached, people psyched themselves up and the laser was rolled to the bottom of the stairs. 7 yes SEVEN minutes later the laser was in the space and we were patting ourselves on the back, or we were patting the people who had manhandled it up the steps on the back.

Next was fitting the laser tube and other extras like the air compressor, water chiller and extraction unit. Then came the calibration and training. I won’t go into the details of these here as there will be training documentation to come for everyone who wants to learn how to use the laser. Just to say it is really not that difficult to use which I proved by laser etching and cutting the LAMM logo on ply before the day was out.

A BIG thank you to Martin from Just add Sharks, for his excellent training, and an extremely big shout out to all those who helped over the weekend, I will name names as without their help we would have been stuck. Graham Hill, Darren Poulson, Tom Bloor, Ian Norton, Jim Mann and his friends. A hackspace is nothing without people rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in.


We have a Laser

The Lancaster ‘Space’ will have an official opening in the Spring of 2015 and it is with great pleasure that I can announce that we will have an A2 Laser Cutter from the good folks at Just Add Sharks and Shadowcat Systems when we open our doors. The Laser Cutter will have extra water cooling and will be installed by the team who built it who will also provide an initial training session for the Hackspace.

The Laser will remain the property of Shadowcat Systems who will allow the Hackspace to charge for usage to visitors and members. Members will receive a 50% discount to all costs for usage which will be on a pre-booked hourly basis. We will invite any local businesses or individuals to also book usage on the machine at very generous rates. Businesses will be billed using a full invoice allowing them to make it a part of their day to day expenses. More details of this will be made available once the machine has been settled into its new home.

We think this will be an awesome contribution to the Hackspace and are indebted to Shadowcat Systems for sponsoring the laser.