New IT for local Heritage Centre

Graham and Lin Dean, from the Friends of Heysham Heritage Centre, receiving a “new” PC from us. This machine will replace a knackered old laptop that they, and the other volunteers, were using, that was no longer fit for purpose.

We refurbish computers, mainly laptops, and pass them onto schools, refugees and other local community groups.

2023 review

We had a surge in membership, partly due to a grant from Lancaster University, allowing us to give out free or cheap memberships at different times!

Window Sign
Window Sign
  • Number of members: 35 in December (best was 59 in June)
  • Total subscriptions: £447.12 in December (best was £468.67 in June)
  • 85 unique human people were actually members at some time in the year!

We got a new, electronic kiosk to allow you to buy food, drink, laser time and materials… Finally without us having to handle cash and keeping manual records

  • Shop takings: £237 in December
  • Shop sales made: 33 in December (best was 42 in May)
  • Shop transaction fees we paid: £4.30 in December

We got a new, easy to use, quiet diode laser, just in time for making xmas presents (thanks John!)

pew, pew, pew

  • Diode laser time in November: 192 minutes (3 hours 12 minutes)
  • Diode laser time in December: 766 minutes (12 hours, 46 minutes)
  • This raised a total of £192 for us!

We collaborated with a great local charity, Escape2Make, to design and create a myriad of fun items for sale at the heritage market in December

We ran over a dozen free activity stalls, all over the area

festive maps

  • West End Gardens, Morecambe (Creative West End): 2
  • More Music, Morecambe (Creative West End): 1
  • Market Square, Lancaster (Food Futures): 4
  • Sustainability Hub, Lancaster (LESS): 1
  • Lancaster Library, Lancaster (Fun Palaces): 3
  • Tabletop Republic, Lancaster (Fun Palaces): 1
  • Community Centre, Brookhouse: 1