Welcome to LAMM and The Space

The Space* is a modern initiative for the centre of Lancaster.

Unit 5, Sharpes Mill,
White Cross Industrial Estate, LA1 4XS

The Space is registered as a company limited by guarantee whose challenge will be to increase collaboration and inspire innovation between micro- and small-business while also providing a small scale workshop for fabrication to either business or personal members.

The Space offers a unique location for the members of the technological, manufacturing and digital industries to create and collaborate alongside members of the broader community. 

2019 AGM

Last night (Wednesday 6th March 2019) Lancaster and Morecambe Makers held a very successful 4th Annual General Meeting of all members. The event is a…
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Furry Friends

You wait a long time for a blog post and then three arrive at the same time…basically blog posts are like buses. I want to…
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Hacking the Space

a confused jumble of spider babies on acid On Saturday and Sunday (19th-20th January) we held a Hack the Space weekend to clear down some…
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World Create Day

Heya Peeps :0 This Saturday 17th March 2018 is our usual Open Day and it is also World Create Day along with Hackaday.io. There are…
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You can find us on the White Cross Industrial Estate, Unit 5, Sharpes Mill, LA1 4XS. The map below pinpoints us on the estate.

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