2023 review

We had a surge in membership, partly due to a grant from Lancaster University, allowing us to give out free or cheap memberships at different times!

Window Sign
Window Sign
  • Number of members: 35 in December (best was 59 in June)
  • Total subscriptions: £447.12 in December (best was £468.67 in June)
  • 85 unique human people were actually members at some time in the year!

We got a new, electronic kiosk to allow you to buy food, drink, laser time and materials… Finally without us having to handle cash and keeping manual records

  • Shop takings: £237 in December
  • Shop sales made: 33 in December (best was 42 in May)
  • Shop transaction fees we paid: £4.30 in December

We got a new, easy to use, quiet diode laser, just in time for making xmas presents (thanks John!)

pew, pew, pew

  • Diode laser time in November: 192 minutes (3 hours 12 minutes)
  • Diode laser time in December: 766 minutes (12 hours, 46 minutes)
  • This raised a total of £192 for us!

We collaborated with a great local charity, Escape2Make, to design and create a myriad of fun items for sale at the heritage market in December

We ran over a dozen free activity stalls, all over the area

festive maps

  • West End Gardens, Morecambe (Creative West End): 2
  • More Music, Morecambe (Creative West End): 1
  • Market Square, Lancaster (Food Futures): 4
  • Sustainability Hub, Lancaster (LESS): 1
  • Lancaster Library, Lancaster (Fun Palaces): 3
  • Tabletop Republic, Lancaster (Fun Palaces): 1
  • Community Centre, Brookhouse: 1

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