RFID Entry System

The new RFID system is almost fully operational, so now is the time to get your RFID key sorted!

We should be turning it on this Wednesday (26th July) So after this date you will need an RFID key to get in the upstairs door.

‘But I dont have one yet!’ I hear you cry. Well, if you come along this Wednesday Open Evening, we will be setting up anyone who does not have a key yet, with one!

If you are unable to make it down on Wednesday, then let us know! I (Tom) work only round the corner and so during office hours will be available to let you in and sort out your RFID Key.

If you are unable to do it during Office hours, let us know and we can organise a time to let you in and sort out a key.

To contact us, either message us on Facebook, in Telegram, or email the board at board@lamm.space and we will get back to you!

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