Animal Policy

LAMM is a very welcoming community and as such we would like to think that we have a generous approach to people’s beloved pets. However, there are a set of guidelines for anyone who wishes to bring a pet to visit the Space that we hope all our members and guests will follow.

  • Non-Assistance animals, owned by visitors, will be allowed to visit the Space only on prior agreement from the board.
  • Any animal in the Space (except assistance animals) must leave if requested by a member. Please take special care to acknowledge people’s preferences or any medical condition.
  • Any member bringing a non-assistance animal into the Space must inform other members of their intent and times the animal will be in the Space.
  • Animals are brought at the owners own risk, must be well behaved and where appropriate remain on leashes or in cages.
  • The owner accepts all liability for any issue caused by bringing a non-assistance animal into the Space. The owner accepts that any issues raised are their responsibility and should make all efforts to deal with them in an appropriate manner.
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