Whittling and chip-carving knives

Table of Contents
Left to right: skew chip carver, small chip carver, large chip carver,
detail whittler, rough whittler, beginners’ whittler and hook knife

We have a wooden knives box which can be found on top of the large metal filing cabinet.

Whittling knives remove surface layers of wood. Hook knives are used to make hollows in the bowls of spoons. Chip-carving knives dig into wood to remove angular chips.

Usage #

Knives are usually held in your dominant hand, with the piece of wood one is trying to whittle in your non-dominant hand.

Always wear a cut-resistant glove on your non-dominant hand, to protect it from cuts. We have two pairs of protective gloves, one medium and one large. You may choose to wear a glove on your dominant hand, but it is not usually necessary if you only use safe cutting techniques!

Chip-carving knifes may also be used on pieces of wood that are clamped or braced on the workbench. Using both hands to manoeuver the knife, one will be very unlikely to cut oneself, so in this situation wearing gloves is unnecessary.

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