Makerspace Computers

We presently have 3 Computers available for use. You may install your own free/legal software on these computers and most have the required software pre-configured for any equipment connected. All have capable 3D GPUs.

Machines #

3D Printer/Cutter Computer #

All-in-One desktop with Ryzen 8 core CPU/APU and 16GB ram. Windows 11

Desktop PC (Rainbow Edition) #

Intel i7 CPU and Nvidia 980 GPU. Windows 11. 24″ display.

Desktop PC (Tower of Power) #

Intel i5 CPU and Nvidia 980 GPU. Linux Mint. Dual 22″ displays.

Laptop #1 #

Intel i7 CPU. Windows 11

Laptop #2 #

Intel i5 CPU. Ubuntu

Software #

Each computer has a standard set of applications that we use regularly and recommend.

  • xTool Creative Space ( XCS) – [Windows only] – design for and control of the diode laser. Only the computer opposite the laser can actually send jobs to the laser (via USB), but any can be used for design work
  • Cura – slicer for the Ender 3 and Prusa 3D printers
  • Bambu Labs Slicer – slicer for the A1 mini 3D printer
  • Inkscape – 2D vector design (free equivalent of Adobe Illustrator)
  • GIMP – 2D bitmap art (free equivalent of Paintshop Pro)
  • Blender – 3D modelling software
  • Chrome/Chromium with links to useful software:

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