Personal storage

Members have several storage options available within the Space and we need to have limitations to keep the space accessible for everyone. We are not responsible for losses, so we strongly advise you not to leave anything valuable, such as your laptop, in the Space between visits. Non-members may only leave items by making an explicit request, such as when leaving things they are working on between open evenings.

Cubicle (Kallax unit) #

On request, we will assign you a cubicle to store your own items indefinitely. If available, we will also provide you with a container to put inside the cubicle. A label, with your name on it, will be attached underneath your cubicle.

Cubicles are extremely limited and you should only ask for one if needed. An unused cubicle may be reclaimed, if needed for another member.

Laser materials storage #

On request, we will assign you a pigeonhole for storing sheet goods, like laserply and acrylic, for use with the lasers.

Pigeon holes are extremely limited and you should only ask for one if needed. An unused pigeon hole may be reclaimed, if needed for another member.

3D printer filament storage #

We store 3D printer filament for purchase, above the printer cabinet. To the right of this you may store your own filament, but it is your responsibility to label it very clearly, on all sides! Any unmarked filament may be assumed to be LAMM filament and used by members.

If space is unavailable here, please use your kallax cubicle instead.

This area may be reclaimed in the future, if we have enough LAMM-owned filament and resin to fill it.

Large item storage #

Items too large to store in the above locations may be left on the top of the member kallax cubicles, or at the side of them next to the wall, if the item is too big to store on top. Any items must be clearly labelled and although they can be left for a month or so, this is not to be used for indefinite storage. In any case, please do not leave items that prevent access to the cubicles for other members. Please put your name and the date on the stored items.

Other locations #

If you need to leave even larger items in other locations, such as leaving materials you are working on to dry on a work surface, please minimise the space they use and time they are left unattended. Label clearly with your name and intend to return within a day or so.

You may only leave things out for longer than 48 hours with express permission. “Fly tipping” in the space is not fair on the other members and is frowned upon. Unlabelled materials, or those left for more than 48 hours without permission, should be reported to the directors, who may be forced to dispose of them.

Posts and updates will be made notifying members and non-members when items cannot be left outside of labelled storage. This will be to make room for workshops and other hosted activities that will need their usage.

Sharing your equipment #

If you have a piece of equipment that you are willing to let other people use, then we can arrange for it to be left in one of the publicly accessible areas of the space. If you aren’t willing to share access, then the item must be stored in one of the personal areas described above and only taken out when in use.

Items so shared may be labelled with your name or not, as you wish. There are already many items in the space on indefinite loan from members, some named and some not. You may require other members to undergo an induction with you before they are allowed to use the equipment, in order to protect it from damage.

Removing your property when you leave #

Should your membership lapse, then you will be asked to remove your property from the space. Any items left for over 4 months after your last payment (i.e. 3 months after you cease being a member), will be considered as a donation to LAMM and may be disposed of by the directors, at their discretion.

Exceptions #

Some non-members organisations have a special exception, getting storage storage as it they were members. Currently, these are Escape2Make and the homeschooling group that we regularly hold paid events for. This money raised is vital to us keeping the space open for everyone.

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