The best way to give money to us

Someone asked about our different payment methods, since we have a few.

  • OpenCollective goes through Stripe: 20p + 1.5% of the total.
  • Space shop (Zettle): 1.75% of the total.
  • Bank transfer/standing order: free!

OpenCollective gets cheaper than the shop for very large purchases, of course, but you can’t beat bank transfer for fees.

Please try use a standing order to pay your membership subscription, but paying by card, via OpenCollective, is entirely acceptable if you prefer that.

Cash spent at the shop also works out at 1.75% since all that happens is that every so often someone counts it and put it in their pocket and pay the total amount, using a card, at the machine! Please avoid cash, if you can, it doesn’t save us on fees and adds to our workload! If you are spending less than the minimum purchase (£1), please save your cart for next time rather than offloading your coins on us! And no, for just a few quid in change, it isn’t worth trying to persuade the bank to accept it to avoid fees!

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