Staying Safe in the Space

General Safety Rules

Use gloves and goggles with chemicals and power tools, available in the space. We do not supply masks for hygiene reasons, please purchase your own.

Do not use damaged tools or tools with frayed cables. Report on telegram and put aside for repair (Or repair yourself if confident!)

Please don’t use power tools when on your own, unless fully confident of your abilities. As an unmonitored 24/7 space, any lone accident could be serious.

If you have never used a tool before, ask for a demonstration from another member, and any safety features

Wash hands after using oils and resins

Clean up all debris after use

No welding equipment or high voltage electronics in the space. Please review

No unattended battery charging in the space, and no high-capacity LiPO Storage

Do not disable safety guards

Vent resin printers out of windows

This isn’t an exhaustive list of potentially dangerous tools and activities. If in doubt email or ask on telegram

What if an accident happens?

Report all accidents to no matter how minor.

If you can walk, the Accident and Emergency Department at the RLI is 8 minutes away.

If not, ring 999 and report your location as Second Floor, Harper’s Mill, White Cross Business Park, LA1 4XF.

If you are unable to unlatch the RFID door mechanism or are somehow trapped, request the fire service. If not an emergency, ask on telegram for assistance.

A first aid kit is available by the door, and a fire extinguisher is next to the pillar drill.